We Are

Heet is a tribe of unlikely heroes destined and determined to leave a lasting mark on Esports through our ferocious gameplay and unrelenting drive to succeed; Fighting against the biggest names in the industry to carve out our name in the annals of time.

Brought together from all corners of Europe, we are united by the flame that burns within each and every one of us – the energy and passion which we channel into each game as our source of power.

Like the team, our fans are not bound by a location or border. Instead, they share that same burning passion to live life on the wild side, stand up for what they believe in, witness historic moments as they happen, and have a good time while they do it. They are fueled by our energy and we are fueled by theirs. Our fans are the oxygen that stokes our flame and they expect to be entertained and embraced as a core member of the team.

Our Purpose

Our purpose – the reason we exist – is to build a community of heroes united by their passion for Esports and gaming, and to serve that community with experiences on and off the server that they’re excited by and proud of.

Our Vision

Our vision is to disrupt the esports scene, both on and off the server, and become the most engaged Tier 2 org before breaking into Tier 1.

Our Values

Our passion burns bright

Being a part of HEET means wearing your heart on your sleeve.

We show no fear

Like the burning flame, we do not hesitate when moving into unchartered territory.

Together, we are stronger

We are stronger when part of a team. That includes our rosters, our org, and our fans.

We always look to leave a mark

We are not placid in our approach. We’re here to make noise and share our energy with the world.

We are calm

While the heat rises, we retain our composure both on and off the server.

We are inclusive for all

HEET is a community before it is a team and a community in which everyone is welcome.

Tim Buysse
Founder / CEO
Gilles De Moor
Co - Founder / CFO
Mario Haneca
Stefan Otte
Head of Marketing
Jasur Avizov
Kevin De Wilde
Advisory Board Member
Niels Vandecasteele
Advisory Board Member
Viktória Orosz
Brand & Graphics Manager
Daniel Karlík
Partnership Manager
Diana Vaisova
Graphic Designer
Our Partners