2XKO: An In-depth Guide to Combos and Game Mechanics

2XKO: An In-depth Guide to Combos and Game Mechanics

2XKO, formerly known as Project L, is an upcoming free-to-play tag team fighting game set within the world of Runeterra developed by Riot Games. Its unique blend of traditional fighting game mechanics with the rich lore and character roster of League of Legends has it positioned as a highly anticipated release in the esports and gaming world. This guide aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of 2XKO's move list and game mechanics, allowing you to execute combos like a pro in no time.

An Introduction to 2XKO

2XKO is an assist-based fighting game that features a 2D fighting environment with 3D character models. The core concept revolves around its tag-team mechanics, where players are in control of two different champions, switching them in and out to create formidable combinations, adding an element of risk and excitement to the gameplay.

The Mechanics of 2XKO

Understanding the mechanics of 2XKO is fundamental to mastering the game. Let's delve into the specifics.

Offensive Mechanics

The offensive mechanics in 2XKO stick to conventional fighting game standards. Players can execute a variety of attacks including high, mid, and low, which can be combined to launch assaults against their opponents. All characters possess the ability to perform launchers and anti-airs, along with a range of other typical offensive choices including ultimate moves.

Defensive Mechanics

2XKO also incorporates a range of distinctive defensive alternatives. The Push Block and Retreating Guard maneuvers allow players to expend meter in exchange for defensive tactics, which enables them to manage the distance between themselves and their opponent.

These maneuvers are considered “safe” defensive actions, as they are difficult to counter and suitable for nearly any scenario. Parries are universal abilities possessed by all characters, offering substantial rewards but also entail significant risk.

Defensive Mechanics

Tag Mechanic

The tag mechanic in 2XKO introduces a dynamic where two players can collaborate as a team, each controlling one champion. Solo players, on the other hand, will be in control of both champions, enabling the seamless interweaving of combos and strategic rotation of characters.

Fuse System

The Fuse System is a unique mechanic that empowers players to choose one out of four options which significantly alters the manner in which they engage and interact with their tag partner.

The Champions of 2XKO

The character roster of 2XKO is a diverse mix of champions from the League of Legends universe. Each champion has unique abilities and movesets that differentiate them from the others.


Ahri, one of 2XKO's nimble characters, is equipped with an aerial dash and a Foxfire projectile for extending combos or attacking opponents from mid-range. Her Spirit Flares and Spirit Rush abilities add versatility to her moveset.


Darius, the heavy hitter of the roster, specializes in special moves that have a wide range and hit hard but are slow to start up. His unique Wounded status ailment inflicts extra damage on enemies while they're blocking.


Ekko has unique movement tech in the form of an Air Hop, a forward dash that can close the distance with ease. His afterimages, left behind after using any of his Special 2 attacks, allow him to rewind time, jumping back to that spot.



Yasuo is a character with many different follow-ups to his specials, most notably his Quickdraw Stance. He can also cancel into this stance from any of his special attacks, giving him options to end combos.

Universal Movesets

Each character in 2XKO also has a series of moves that are shared across the roster. These include the Wavedash, Cross-up, Retreating Guard, Pushblock, Parry, Throw Escape, Quick Rise/Back Roll, Air Recovery, Tag Launcher, Quick Tag, Assist Action, Handshake Tag, Last Stand, Dynamic Save, and Fuse.


2XKO, with its combination of League of Legends characters and traditional fighting game mechanics, is set to be a game-changer in the esports scene. By understanding the game's mechanics and mastering the moves of its champions, you'll be ready to dive into the world of 2XKO and execute combos like a pro.

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