HEET advance to Malta Vibes Knockout Series 5 Final

In a very close series we were able to come out on top against forZe


The first map of our semifinals series against forZe started really well. We went on six rounds winning streak and took control of the game. We proved we were the best team on Dust 2 and took a convincing 16-7 win.



Nuke was a different story. Forze was really well prepared and played an amazing T-Side. Despite our efforts to make a comeback, Forze took the second map 16-8 and forced a decisive third map. 


Inferno was the map that would decide our tournament fate. forZe once again had a really good T-Side and went into halftime with an 11-4 lead.  


However, you already know our squad never gives up or backs down from a challenge. With a great team effort, we showed we could also play really well in the T-side of Inferno., and took the game into overtime. 


In overtime, we didn't drop one round and claimed a huge 19-15 victory.


With this win, we are qualified for the Grand Final that will take place tomorrow at 16:00PM (CEST).


So don't forget to tune in tomorrow to support our squad in the fight for our first-ever CS:GO tournament win.


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