Heet advance to semifinals of Elisa Invitational Winter

HEET defeated HAVU 2-1 and advanced to the semifinals of the Elisa Invitational Winter 


Today our CS:GO team made its debut in the Playoffs of the Elisa Invitational Winter.


In our quarterfinals match, we faced HAVU in a best of three series.  


Dust2 was the first map of the series, and it was HAVU pick. We started the game really well, getting off to an 8-0 scoreline.


However, HAVU was able to mount an amazing comeback. With a great CT-Side they forced overtime and ended up taking the map win 19-16.


On Inferno, the beginning of the story was the same, but this time it had a happy ending.c We dominated the map from start to finish, winning 16-3 and forcing a third map.



Nuke was that map that would determine whether we would advance, or if our tournament live would end.


The map was a very close one. We were trading rounds back and forth with Havu. However, our CT-Side proved to be the deciding factor. With a 9-6 half in the CT-Side we took the map 16-14 and the series 2-1.



We will now play against the winners of ENCE VS Entropiq on the 5th of March at 12:00 AM CET.


As always your support was massive and very important in helping us achieve this great result.


Be sure to tune in Saturday and let's make our opponents FeelTheHEET.