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HEET advance to the Surfshark Valorant Challenge Upper Final



HEET defeated Herbalife Real Betis, and AWARIA, and advanced to the Upper Final



Today was a great day for our Valorant team. We debuted in the  Surfshark Valorant Challenge Upper in the best way possible.


We faced Herbalife Real Betis in the Upper Quarterfinals and came away with a 2-0 victory.


Fracture was the first map and was a very close one. However, our great exhibition on the defensive side gave us the 13-10 win.



Ascent was a very dominant game on our part, winning the map 13-4, and being always in control of the game. 


In the Upper Semifinals, we faced AWARIA in a close series.


The first map was once again Fracture, and it was a very close game. Both teams refused to lose and overtime was necessary to find the winner. The great team effort and strong mentality we showed on Fracture was fundamental to take the map 15-13.


AWARIA demonstrated to be a great team on Split. We were never able to find ourselves on the second map and AWARIA won 13-4 forcing the third map. 


Ascent proved once again to be too strong for our opponents. We dominated the game the same way we did against Herbalife Real Betis, wining the map 13-4 and the series 2-1.


With these two great results, we are now on the Upper Finals, two wins away from the Grand Final. 


Your support was fundamental today and will be even more necessary tomorrow. 


Be sure to tune in at 14:00 PM CET for our game against cringe already taken, let´s make sure they FeelTheHEET.