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HEET Win Surfshark Valorant Challenge



Our Valorant boys defeated Team Finest 2-1 and brought the trophy home. 


We did it. After one amazing tournament run, we are your Surfshark Valorant Challenge champions. 


It wasn't an easy road, but the best things in life never come easy. 


We faced off against Team Finest in a very close best of three series. 


Ascent was the first map of the series, and we continued our undefeated streak on the map, winning it 13-9, on the back of one great team performance on the defensive side. 


Team Finest was able to strike back with a 13-10 win on Bind. The series was tied 1-1 and Breeze would decide the tournament winners.


On Breeze, Team Finest got a 6-0 lead on the attacking side. We went it half-time with an 8-4 score favoring Team Finest. 


However, when things didn't look that good for us, our boys were able to rally back and mount an insane comeback. 


We won nine of the eleven rounds played in the second half. Showing a spectacular attacking side that gave us the 13-10 win and the title. 


This was the first title for our Valorant team this year, and we are sure many more will come. 


As always your support was fundamental in helping us bring yet another title to our trophy cabinet. 


We will continue to work hard to make sure we give our fans more great moments and memories in the future.