HEET Win FantasyExpo Closed Qualifier

Our CS:GO boys qualified for the BLAST Premier European Closed Qualifier


Today we played the Grand Final of the FantasyExpo Closed Qualifier.


We faced off against Falcons in a very close series. 


The first map was Dust2, and it was Falcons map pick. In a very close, back and forth game, Falcons came out on top with a 16-14 win. 


However, we were able to bounce back on Inferno. With another close map, our CT-Side made the difference and gave us the 16-12 win.


Nuke was the final map. Once again the map was very close, with no one being able to take the control of the game. 


It was necessary overtime to find a winner. We showed great resilience and with a great team performance were able to win Nuke 19-16, and take the series 2-1.


We achieved yet another great result, and your support was once again fundamental. 


We will continue to work hard in order to find even more success in the near future. 


Let's make our opponents #FeelTheHEET.