HEET qualify for the AverageJonas - Nordic Nations Cup Main Event

Today our boys played the AverageJonas - Nordic Nations Cup qualifier and were able to qualify for the main event after a series of great exhibitions.


In the first map, we defeated mongs on Ascent with a dominant 13-4.


In the next phase of the qualifier, we faced off against  M4LIK and won Icebox 13-5 with another great performance by the team. 


EX-Killabeez was our third opponent of the qualifier, and our boys continued with their great run of form, winning Ascent 13-3.


Movin into the quarterfinals, our opponents were The Goose House, and once again we emerged victorious on Ascent this time with a 13-7 score.


Then we defetead chickenkorma 13-3 on, you gessed it, Ascent. 


With this great performance in the qualifier, we will now be present in the AverageJonas - Nordic Nations Cup Main Event.


As always your support was fundamental, and we will need it again tomorrow, as we play our first game of the tournament at 18:00 CEST.


Be sure to tune in and let's make our opponents #FeelTheHEET.