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HEET Win ESL Challenger League Season 40 Europe



Ladies and gentlemen, we are your ESL Challenger League Season 40 Europe champions!


We defeated 1WIN in the Grand Final 3-2 and secured a place in the ESL Pro League Season 16 Conference, as well as 20.000$ in prize money.


1WIN started the series with a one map advantage due to coming from the upper bracket. 


In Vertigo we played an amazing game, dominating the map from start to finish, and winning 16-5, equalizing the series at 1-1.


Overpass was 1WIN map picked, and it was a very back and forth game. 1WIN came out on top with a 16-11 win, and now we had to win two straight maps in order to bring the trophy home. 


Ancient was the third map and a must-win for us. We kept our cool, and with amazing teamwork, combined with Ex3rcice and afro insane individual performances, we took the map 16-13 and forced a game five. 


Dust2 was where everything was going to be decided. It was a very tense, bacn and forth game, that came down to the last rounds of regular time. 


We went on a great run at the end of the game, winning the last five rounds on our T-Side and winning the map 16-14, securing another trophy.


This marks the culmination of a great tournament run by our CS:GO boys. Despite being dropped to the lower bracket the team never gave up and continued to work hard.


We managed to reach the Grand Final and win the rematch against 1WIN.


As always your support was amazing and fundamental in this tournament journey. 


We are closer and closer to our goals for this year and will continue to work hard to provide you guys with more memorable moments. 


Another trophy was added to our cabinet and many more will follow. 


So every team should be prepared to FeelTheHEET.