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HEET Logo Rebrand



After months of hard work from multiple people, we were finally able to unveil our new logo.


A lot of fans were asking for a change on our logo and we heard you. You guys are the pillar of HEET so it makes us very happy to see how much you liked our new logo. 


Our founder and CEO Tim Buysse had the following to say about the new logo:


"I am very proud of the rebrand we did, the logo looks really awesome and is the work of many. So pleased we got our community to give feedback and direction in this rebrand.


Although many were not a big fan of the old logo it did fit us at the early stage of our organization, everything we did came out of Hungary and the mask was based on Hungarian folk.


Many people told us the logo is ugly and they were right, the mask was intended to be ugly because it was used to fight against winter and scare it away.


Now that we have grown towards a European org, it was also time to rework how we presented ourselves as an organization. The mask is not gone, you can still see elements of it in the new logo which I like very much. I can only be thankful for everyone spending days and days of work into this logo and all the branding around it!"



Despite having a new logo our goals remain the same. We want to build a community united by their passion for Esports and Gaming. 


Our values also remain the same and rest assured we are more motivated than ever to work hard in order to make this organization the best Esports organization in the world. 


To all our fans, your support in the past few months has been amazing. Independent of the game, you are always cheering for us and have helped us achieve huge milestones. 


We will continue to strive for better, and everyone is working hard to make your experience as a HEET fan an unforgettable one. 


We still have a lot we want to achieve and are counting on your great support to help us do that. 


As always let's make our opponents #FeelTheHEET.