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elemeNt, Cizza and Kinguyen join the HEET family



We are happy to announce that elemeNt, Cizza and Kinguyen have joined the HEET family. 



elemeNt will be the new head coach for our Valorant team, and we are sure that with him at the helm we will be able to find even more success in the near future. 


Cizza is our Assistant coach/Analyst and will help elemeNt to take our team to the next level. 


Last but now least we are thrilled to announce Kinguyen joined the active roster as the new duelist.


We believe that with the addiction of Kinguyen we will be able to reach the next level. 


Our goals are to be one of the best teams in Europe and we feel with these moves we are closer to achieving that. 


Continue to support us as we make our way into the Valorant tier 1 scene. 




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