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HEET announce CS:GO roster



Heet announced their entry into CS:GO with the signing of DBL Poney


Today we are very happy to announce we have entered CS:GO with the signing of DBL Poney.


Not only are they great players but they are also a group of friends who take this game seriously and are very professional.



With this roster, the sky is the limit and our main goal for this year is to qualify for the major. Long term we see this team winning a lot of tournaments, and bringing a lot of joy to the Heet fans in the upcoming years.


As an organization, we will do everything in our power to support the players to reach their goals.


Our COO Jasur "Jazz" Avizov had the following statement about the decision to sign this roster and our goals for the next years: "There were a lot of talks within our company about us joining the CS:GO scene in the past few months. At that time we felt the teams available for us didn't fit into the project we envisioned for various reasons.


However, as soon as we started looking into the DBL Poney roster we instantly were convinced that this team would fit into our family. A group of 5 friends, grinding to be the best for over a year - without any support from an org- and still getting to the top 30 of HLTV and staying there for a long time shows a great will and desire to succeed.


It is exactly these qualities I was always looking for not only from our players but also from our staff members. Signing DBL is a huge step for us as an organization, but I am 100% sure that it is the right step. This will be a long-term project for us, which will give us a lot of experience and a lot of possibilities.


Our goals for this year are to participate in the major as a contender, maintain our status as the best truly French roster, and push towards the top 15 HLTV rankings.  After seeing how much work they put into this over our Bootcamp in Paris, I truly believe these goals are easily achievable for us. I am delighted to announce DBL Poney roster as a part of the HEET family now".


We are excited to have them joining the Heet family and are ready to make our opponents #FeelTheHEET.


Heet CS:GO roster:


Aurélien "afro" Drapier

Pierre "Ex3rcice" Bulinge

Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro

Thomas "Djoko" Pavoni

Lucas "Lucky" Chastang


Vivien "Goy" Goyon (Manager)

Matthieu "matHEND" Roquigny (Coach)