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HEET advance to the Promotional tournament of the VRL Northern Europe: Polaris - Split 2



Our Valorant team continued their great run of form today as they advance to the Grand Final of the VRL Northern Europe: Polaris - Split 2.


We faced Tactical Five and won the series 2-0.


Ascent was the first map, and it continues to be our best map as we once again got the win 13-9.


On Icebox we dominated the game and took the map 13-5, with a very convincingly team performance, and moved on to the Grand Final. 


Since both participants of the Grand Final are already qualified for the Promotional tournament, the Grand Final ended up not being played. 


Tomorrow we will start our journey in the Promotional tournament and our first game will be at 7:00 PM CEST. The opponent still wasn't disclosed but be sure to check our social media as we will update you as soon as we know who we are going to face. 


Independent of our opponents your support is going to be fundamental, this is a very important tournament for us so be sure to tune in tomorrow. 


Let's make our opponents FeelTheHEET.




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