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International Jazz Day





For the International Jazz Day we decided to ask our own Jasur "Jazz" Avizov, COO, some questions.



How would you describe your life in HEET?

If I had to put it in one word, it will be – Unique. I never thought that I would be able to describe my job as a hobby but here I am! There is never a day where I have nothing to do or it’s a “boring” office day. Every day, so much is happening! The fact that I can almost watch the company evolving daily is insane to me. 


Why did you want to start working in esports?


I was an esports enthusiast at an early age and was watching intense Major matches, without having a clue what was going on behind the curtains; but did I think my life would be like this a year ago? No! Every day I wake up early (and already this was a no-go a year ago!) because I want to work and I am eager to see what will happen today, what challenges will I and my amazing team face, and what will our talented teams achieve. Talking to the staff, talking to the community - or better to say, talking to the family - and being delighted to see that all of them are happy, means we are doing most things right and are on a good path.


What is your favourite part about life at HEET?


It is not only amazing to watch how the company grows, but also to see how teams and players individually are growing, trying to be the best version of themselves. To celebrate all victories by staying next to them or trying to get them back on track after an unexpected loss. In the end, we are a family, and this is how families should be.



What would be your advice to someone who wants to work in esports?

Hmm… I don't think it is specific to this industry, but I would say keep grinding and never stop believing in yourself. The most important thing is also to keep loving what you are doing, I would say that is the key ingredient of achieving what you want.