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HEET defeat who cars? in the VLR Polaris Promotion torunament Upper Final



Today our Valorant team played the Upper Final of the Valorant Regional League Northern Europe: Polaris Promotion Tournament.


We faced who cars? in best of three series with the winner moving on to the Grand Final. 


Bind was the first map, and after a very close game, we managed to win the map 13-9, securing the series lead. 


On Icebox, despite the first half being very close, we took control of the game on our attacking side and convincingly won the map 13-9, taking the series 2-0.


Since we already know all the teams that will qualify the Grand Final won't be played. 


We finished the open qualify and Promotion tournament undefeated and achieved one of our main goals for this year. 


Your support was fundamental and as always we couldn't have done it without you guys. 


As always let's make our future opponents FeelTheHEET.







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