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HEET loss in their VRL Northern Europe: Polaris - Split 2 debut



Unfortunately today our Valorant team lost in their debut of the VRL Northern Europe: Polaris - Split 2.


We played against Team Finest and lost 2-1 in a very close series. 


We actually got off to a great start in the series, winning Split 13-8 and taking the lead.


However, Team Finest was able to reverse sweep the series. 


They ended our unbeaten run on Ascent with a 13-11 win in a very closely contested game. 


On Bind they were superior and managed to take the map 13-4 winning the series 2-1. 


It's not the result we wanted but there is still plenty of games to go and we can still achieve our goal. 


Your support was amazing and is now needed more than ever.


We will be back in action next Monday as we face KOVA at 5:00 PM CEST.


Be sure to tune in and let's make them FeelTheHEET.



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