HEET eliminated from ESL Challenger Valencia Qualifier

Unfortunately today our CS:GO team was eliminated from the ESL Challenger Valencia Qualifier.


We started the qualifier journey yesterday versus K23 and despite losing a close first map, we dominated the following two maps and won the series 2-1 advancing to the Upper Semifinals. 


In the Upper Semifinals, we played against Sprout and also dropped the first map of the series, but this time we weren't able to make the reverse sweep.


Sprout won Dust2 16-13 and knocked us to the lower bracket Semifinal where we went on to face Skade.


The series versus Skade was a very close one and decided on the details. 


We lost Overpass 16-14, and Nuke also went the way of the Bulgarian squad with a score of 16-13.


Despite our best efforts and a very close series versus Skade we lost 2-0 and with this result are eliminated from the ESL Challenger Valencia Qualifier.


It wasn't the result we wanted but rest assured because we will continue to work hard in order to get back to the good results. 


Your support was amazing as always, and we appreciate every single one of you that cheered for us during all the games between yesterday and today. 


We will be back in action versus Sprout next week for the ESL Challenger League Season 41 Europe on Monday at 12:00 AM CEST.


Be sure to tune in and support us.


Let's make Sprout FeelTheHEET.