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HEET qualify for ESL Pro League Season 16



After four long days, and four difficult series, we managed to secure a place in the ESL Pro League Season 16 group stage, and once again proved we belong among the best of the best.


Our tournament start wasn't the intended one, we lost to Endpoint 2-0 in two very close maps. 16-12 in Overpass and 16-12 in Dust2. 

With this result, we fell down to the lower bracket, but hey everyone loves a good lower bracket run, and that was exactly what we did. 


Encore where our first opponent in the lower bracket and with great team performance, and the spectacular individual performance of our captain body we showed some great CS:GO, and won the series 2-0. 


After Encore, it was HUMMER who we had to defeat in order to stay alive in the tournament. 


Inferno was a very close map, and it was necessary over time to find the winner. 


As always our boys showed how resilient they are and managed to come out on top 22-19 and we took the series lead. 


Dust2 was a different story, as we managed to take control of the game in the second half on our CT-Side, comfortably took the map 16-11, and advanced to the Lower Round 3.


Now we were just one series win away from qualifying for the ESL Pro League Season 16 groups stage. 


The foe we met was a familiar one, as we faced Falcons for the most important game of the tournament. 


Falcons was able to secure the first map, with a good CT-Side they won Dust2 16-13 but we weren't quite done yet. 


On Nuke we dominated on the T-Side, quickly took control of the game, and never let it slip. 


Falcons still tried to mount a comeback but it was too little too late and we tied the series with a 16-10 win on Nuke. 


Vertigo was the last match of the series and our team put on an amazing performance, dominating the game from start to finish, we comfortably won the map 16-4 and secured our place in the ESL Pro League Season 16.


Your support was amazing during these four days and was fundamental to helping us achieve yet another great result.


We are counting on your great support to continue in the future, as you can expect that we will continue to work hard in order to achieve even better results. 


We will be back in action on Wednesday for the ESL Challenger League Season 41 Europe playoffs where we will face Saw at 6:00 PM CEST. 


Be sure to tune in and support our boys, and let's make SAW FeelTheHEET