HEET enters Rocket League

Today we entered the Rocket League competitive scene. 


As always when we enter a new game our goal is always to be on top at the international level, and compete against the best teams in the world. 


We have been thinking of entering Rocket League for quite some time but for us, it's always important to find the right fit for our organization. 


We found that perfect fit with Forece, juicy, and Jovan. Three very young and talented players that already managed to qualify for a 2.000.000$ tournament in Riyadh where you will be able to see them for the first time under the HEET banner. 



To help our players reach the top of the mountain we have Gil.2 who is the head coach of our Rocket League team, and Kaisen who is the manager of the team. 


Developing new talent is always very important for us, and helping players grow under our structure is also one of our goals. As we help strive to help them improve both as players and as human beings. 


We are very excited about competing in one of the best Esports scenes in the world and adding some more trophies to our trophy cabinet. 


As always pls show our great our fan base is and give your overwhelming support to our new HEET members. 


Let's make our opponents at Gamers8 2022 in Riyadh FeelTheHEET.