HEET 2022 Jersey back in stock, checkout our shop !      HEET 2022 Jersey back in stock, checkout our shop !      HEET 2022 Jersey back in stock, checkout our shop !    

HEET launch 2022 Jersey


We are very excited to announce that our first product went live, the very anticipated HEET 2022 jersey is now available for pre-order on our website. 



For months we have heard all of you practically begging for the new jersey, but we always said we weren't just releasing a jersey for the sake of it as we wanted to deliver to you guys the best product possible. 


It took us some time but it is finally here and we are very happy to finally be able to present it to all of you guys that have been supporting us since the beginning of this journey. 


Our founder and CEO Tim Buysse had the following to say:


"We are very happy we finally get to launch our very first product.


Very satisfied with the quality jersey we have created as it is like nothing you have seen before! We took over 6 months to find the perfect jersey for our players and fans. This was only possible by creating different samples and testing out this product by our staff and players.


We have more coming our way but first of all, we want to get the preorders to you guys and after this month we want to launch the shop and then add more products to the shop who measure up to the same quality.


Thanks already for the ones ordering a jersey as it is very important to us, don't forget when you receive your jersey to also give us some feedback! "


If you want to support us or our players the best thing you can all do right now is get that awesome jersey. 


With this jersey, we will make our opponents #FeelTheHEET even more than before.