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Lucky removed from the active roster



After evaluating the past season, the team management has decided to remove Lucas "Lucky" Chastang from our active CS:GO lineup, and he is now free to explore his options.

"Of course, it was a big step and not an easy one, as with this change we were afraid to influence the team spirit that the boys built over the months. Benching Lucky is a really tough decision, but one that I think needs to be made at this time. Lucky showed good progress and development as a player but for the direction and pace we are going for, we need a change. We are really grateful to Lucky for bringing the team to the level they are at today" - Jasur "Jazz" Avizov, HEET COO

We'd like to thank Lucky for the unforgettable 8 months with HEET and for his dedication and contribution to the victory at the Elisa Invitational Spring 2022 and for qualifying for the EPL 16. We have no doubt he will continue to succeed in whichever journey he takes next, and look forward to seeing what he does next.

For the upcoming season, an announcement around the 5th member of our CSGO team will be made in the coming days.


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