Interview with Preg, HEET’s IGL in previous season

Interview with Preg, HEET’s IGL in previous season

1. How did you get into esports and what sparked your interest in pursuing professional gaming?

I began my esports journey many years ago, starting with random games like Battlefield. However, Counter-Strike was undoubtedly the best game to delve into esports. My interest was solely focused on improving my skills continuously. Why did I aspire to become a professional? Simply because it was a dream. Being a professional in your passion is the ultimate feeling. Although I didn't achieve this dream, I gave my best effort, and that's what matters the most.

2. How did you prepare to be the IGL for a completely new team like HEET?

That's a great question. There are two approaches to this. The first is sticking to your usual routine and striving to improve it with feedback from your teammates. The second involves dedicating a significant amount of time to analyzing professional video-on-demand (VOD) footage. It's crucial to observe different teams and games to broaden your understanding and enhance your possibilities. The final aspect is straightforward: playing with your mates in random or fun games to maximize enjoyment. The connection between you as an in-game leader (IGL) and your teammates is paramount. If they trust you and enjoy playing with you, their performances within the team will improve.

3. What has changed for you since joining the HEET?

We have our first supporters - the organization and the staff. It’s important to feel the support of others and to have people behind you, aiding in maintaining good form. When we achieved poor results, they consistently offered encouraging words to assist us. They aren’t solely focused on performance and results. Their presence and support during difficult times were immensely beneficial to us.

4. What aspects of the new Premier system in Valorant are you particularly interested in, and what are your thoughts on it?

We play one map per week, which is excellent for improving team skills on each map. The matchmaking and map banning for end tournaments are well-developed and nicely executed. I love this game mode! However, we need more clarity regarding the objectives for qualifiers, etc.

5. How do you view the new Premier system in Valorant compared to previous competition formats?

It's better this way; we no longer need to try hard on a single day and be judged in a one-day qualifier with six matches. This will be more efficient in showcasing the best teams under normal conditions.

6. What impact do you believe the new Premier system has on the competitive level and the overall development of the Valorant scene?

All team players will improve because they focus on one map at a time. This will enhance individual esports skills and gameplay. As for the premier mode, I don’t think it’s crucial because they already operate similarly

7. How has your preparation for tournaments changed with the new Premier system?

The premier mode doesn't help teams warm up their skills or mentally prepare for tournaments. The only change is that you can play against high VRC teams, which gives you a chance to compete against bigger teams.

8. What advantages do you see in the new Premier system, and are there any challenges it presents?

Fix roosters and no ban players. So help the community to be less toxic. Finals tournaments are good challenges

9. How has the dynamics within the team changed with the new Premier system, especially in terms of tournament preparation and adapting to different opponents?

We've been playing the premier game mode since the beta, so it's hard to comment on it now. But we're more focused on the weekly map. However, we can also anti-strat against teams.

10. What differences do you see between participating in a Premier tournament and other competitions in Valorant?

There's a higher average level in the Premier mode than in others, which is a positive point. We play in Contender, so there are only good teams with some exceptions, of course.

11. How has your role as an IGL (In-Game Leader) evolved with the new Premier system, and how does it influence your decision-making during matches?

I can easily think about versus strats before matches because I already know the map. Apart from that, there's not much of a difference.

12. What expectations do you have for the future development of the Premier system in Valorant and its impact on the competitive scene?

It should be the official way for VCL qualifiers, and probably coach slots should be added. Currently, coaches cannot see the game live, which is a bit weird.

13. How do you think the new Premier system will affect the growth and professionalization of Valorant as an esport?

Yes, for VRC. If they added coach slots and org ownership with two sub slots, it could improve credibility.

14. Let's move to the Quick Questions segment! Which weapon do you prefer: Phantom or Vandal?

Vandal obviously, for the one-tap potential! But the random first bullet is a significant drawback!

15. What's your favorite map in Valorant?

Ascent and Lotus as an IGL. They're classic maps and easy to strategize/read.

16. Who is your favorite agent and why?

I'm a Sova main. We can waste our lifetime learning lineups, hahaha! On a serious note, being able to see enemies through walls is incredible. Initiation is the hardest job but also the most useful.

17. What hobbies or passions do you have outside of gaming?

Handball and Motorcycles, for many years now! ^^.

18. If you had a wish, which team would you like to face in a major final, such as in Champions?

Currently, Gentlemate for France, but Paper Rex for the gameplay and strats.

19. What changes would you make to the game and the meta if you were a developer?

There should be fewer revives and less overpush power. The game is becoming less strategic with this gameplay. Now, we see many players and teams just overpushing/rushing with no strategy. Secondly, server choices need fixing. I can't understand the logic behind this. Valorant should prioritize finding the best ping for players/premades, which will fix the issues with Paris/London servers and the peeker advantage with highest/lowest ping.

20. Have you tried out the new agent, Clove, yet? If so, how do you feel about it?

The new agent is very interesting, but their revive and overheal abilities are too much. It's like the new Reyna smoker, just here to overpeek and play without using your brain.

21. How was your experience attending Gamers Assembly and competing in a LAN environment compared to online tournaments?

It was very good. I've done many LANs before, so it's always a good moment. Feeling the tournament pressure and having live interactions is great.

22. What was it like finally meeting your teammates in person after practicing and competing together remotely?

You need to practice better. It's not about playing more but improving the time you spend playing through other means like reviewing, private parties, equipment, lineups, and practicing with mates. There's no hard part, but you have to find fun in every exercise.

23. What advice would you give to someone looking to become a professional player?

You need to practice better. This is not by playing more. You need to improve the time you play by other ways. Review / Private party / Stuff / lineup and pracctice with mates. There is no hard part but you have to find the fun in every exercices.

24. Finally, what advice would you give to other teams or players to adapt to the new Premier system and succeed?

Nothing at all. Just do what you do best and have fun. And don't forget not to be toxic. ;) If you're banned in Valorant ranked, you're banned in premier mode too.

25. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans?

Thanks a lot for following us and me! It was a pleasure to play for HEET. <3

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